• Why We Started Trendy Girlfriend

    Today's Woman is busier than ever. Our lifestyle plate is full, period. No matter the activity - rushing to a client presentation, meeting an old friend for lunch, hitting a hot party, going on a date, networking at an after hours event...there is one common thread that plagues us all -- WHAT TO WEAR!!!

    TrendyGirlfriend Girl

    There is so much emphasis today on fashion -- you cannot escape it! There are segments on every morning show and certainly the top selling magazines wouldn't exist without 10 different articles on the cover on how to be fashion forward. How to look sexier, appear thinner, get that second date, dress for success--they even go so far as to tell us what to go out and buy to look good at the gym! The problem is, not every look is right for every one of us. What they're suggesting might look great on the model but maybe not so much on us.

    It's not surprising then that research told us that if a woman is stepping out in some capacity -- she will likely shop for a new outfit. Wow, that's weekly for most of us! Don't get us wrong -- shopping is fun, but is it practical to buy something new every time you have to go somewhere?

    Emphasis on appearance can be stressful, and let's not forget about the financial stress it can cause. Our credit cards are maxed out so that we can wear the perfect outfit for 3 hours.

    We believe the average woman already has what she needs to look good and it's sitting right in her very own closet! Most women just do not know how to use what they have to put new outfits together and convince themselves that it's just easier to go shopping for something new. They search for a whole new outfit when sometimes a belt or a boot can change an entire look!

    Trendy Girlfriend was created to help save women time and money. Most of all, Trendy Girlfriend will provide the confidence every woman should have when they enter a room and step out into the world.

  • What We Do

    Whether you're craving a few fun updates or just have no fun or success mixing together a great outfit suitable for you, Trendy Girlfriend's got you covered!


    One of our Style Squad experts will come right to you and give your closet the "Once Over!" Trendy Girlfriend will help you uncover your very own signature style so you can feel comfortable and confident in every setting.

    Expert tips, money saving ideas, style conscious advice, but most of all, Trendy Girlfriend will create a perfect wardrobe right from your very own closet!


    NO MORE standing in front of the mirror for hours wondering whether to go with the black skirt or black legging!


    TrendyGirlfriend Girl



    Our Style Squad experts will give your closet the fashion intervention it needs to help you become the one that is envied for always being perfectly put together wearing just the right outfit!

  • Packages and Rates

    Basic: $125.00

    What you get:

    • 4 outfits of your choosing pulled together from your very own closet (one for work, one for a date,
      one for a party/ whatever your personal needs require)
    • fashion tips for your figure/body type

    Wild and Styled: $200.00

    What you get:

    • Complete closet consultation (list of essentials missing from your wardrobe)
    • Tips on how to better organize your closet for your lifestyle
    • Accessory check
    • 7 outfits of your choosing pulled together from your very own closet
    • Fashion tips for your figure/body type.

    Titans of Trend: $350.00

    What you get:

    • Complete closet consultation
    • 10 outfits (one for every day of the week!)
    • The once over - Questions about items in your closet?
      You try it on for us and we'll tell you if you should lose it or use it!
    • Shopping spree - we'll go with you to find the missing pieces!
    • Fashion tips for your figure/body type

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    Are you frequently late because you never know what to wear?
    Do you find that you get stressed thinking about what you will wear to go out on a date, attend an event or get invited to a party for a specific occasion?
    Do you often regret your apparel choice once you arrive at your party, get together, date, etc?
    Do you have a friend that you feel always looks perfectly put together and wish you could have his/her sense of style?
    When you have an event coming up -- do you go out and buy something new most of the time?
    Are you on a budget?
    Are you stressed after a purchase?
    Do you find that you buy clothes that you often never wear?
    Do you or others feel that you shop too much?
    Do you constantly feel like you have nothing to wear?
    In general, do you feel good about yourself and your personal appearance?
    Do you often feel others look better than you do?
    Do you feel confident when you get dressed to go out?
    Do you feel confident when you enter a room?
    Do you feel that you have a difficult time finding clothes that fit or look good on you?
    Do you feel that you have a good sense for what looks good on your body type?
    Do you need to ask the sales clerk what he/she thinks about what you are trying on for reassurance of how it looks and fits?
    For the most part, are you happy with your body?

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